Friday, February 5, 2016

Deciding on a Pool Design: Shape, Size, Aesthetics, and Preferences

Pool companies are now offering property owners a myriad of exciting pool designs, from rectangular to curvilinear shapes that match your needs. When deciding on the shape of your pool, remember that the design will determine whether you will enjoy unparalleled luxury in your backyard, or you will settle for second best.

Different Water Features and Pool Types

Fountains, waterfalls, cascades, and fountain nozzles are familiar in the modern-day swimming pool. Evidently, there are no limitations to what a swimming pool designer can create with water features. From infinity pools to natural waterfalls, a pool contractor can add plenty of beautiful functions to your swimming pool. The pool must be the focal point of your garden to develop a link between your house and your entire garden. Today, the shapes are more geometric, and they include the octagonal, oval, L-shaped, and the infinity pool. Think about how much area you need for the whole project. A rectangular swimming pool would be ideal for long and narrow gardens whereas a larger area will give you more freedom to have a curvilinear shape.

Style Preferences and Design Trends

Pool designers can also add an enormous deck around your swimming pool where you can entertain your family and guests. While every design is subjective, these experts can highlight the benefits and drawbacks of every design and assist you to make a better decision. Rustic swimming pools that feature natural products such as limestone, flagstone and travertine will go a long way if you want to keep up with the trends.

Because pools are horizontal, it is vital to add a masonry planter next to the pool. The planting beds do not need to be close to the swimming pool because the foliage can clog your filters and pumps. Great design will make a significant impact on the landscape, and the plantings need to bring the unmatched floral appeal, drama, and height.


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